Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

No dolls today!

I started on a doll but stopped and made a shirt instead. I tried some new options and now have the neck and sleeve edges perfected. Next up, the bottom hem. I tried one option today that I don't hate. But I have a better idea that I'm going to try tomorrow.

Yep, there may be no dolls tomorrow either! I have one more test fabric. (Test fabric is cheap stuff in a color I don't love - fabric who's job is to help me perfect my finishes for when the good stuff that I ordered arrives next Tuesday.) So I think I'm going to cut it out tonight and sew it up tomorrow.

Then I'm going back and fix a shirt I already made. I have enough fabric to make it better so I think I will.

Then it will be back to the dolls.

The pharmacy did call me looking for their $$. The nice lady said the website should have asked me for a credit card number. Oh well, no biggie. And she was so nice. All done now. Inhaler is in the mail.

It's nearly ballgame time and it's not rained out yet!
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