Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis


Today started off remembering last night's ballgame. The Mariners were down 12 to 2 in the 5th. And, then, won the game 16-13. It was pretty amazing and it was fun. Very fun.

The pool, which has been amazingly empty for two weeks and is generally empty on Fridays was packed this morning. It was weird. But I got my half lane and had a great swim. Although, I got too close to the hard plastic lane line and whacked the back of my hand which is now covered with a really ugly blood bruise. But, it looks like one that might heal quickly.

My meet up with the adoption lady is at 10 and then I think I'll stop in at the fabric store and then home where I plan to stay. The sun is out strong already and the forecasters are promising hot today, hotter tomorrow and Africa hot on Sunday. I plan to be right here loving my air conditioner.

Today's baseball is in Texas, at 5. And it's likely to be rained out. I have TiVo banked for such an occasion. Plus, I started a Kindle library book last night that's pretty interesting...
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