Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis


I left the air conditioner on last night and slept so well. Clearly that's going to happen again. But right now it's off and the door is open. It's cloudy and breezy out and nice.

I woke up with kind of a cough hangover that lasted about half way into my swim but after about an hour of breathing regularly and having my face in the water the rest of the time, all is good again. Fingers are crossed that it stays that way.

Last night I looked up the compounding pharmacy that has my prescriptions to check their hours. They have a button for 'refill prescription' so I clicked on it. I filled in the RX number for my rescue inhaler and it asked me for verification info and then asked if I wanted to pick it up or have it mailed. I picked mailed. And ... done!

It wasn't until this morning that I realized there was no part of any of the transaction that involved money exchange. The inhaler costs me about $45. Wonder how they are going to get that money? Probably they are going to call me which won't be good. But we'll see. This is a good test. I'm not in a huge hurry for the inhaler. I still have plenty of my old one left.

Today is laundry day and I need to pack up the dolls and bears for delivery tomorrow.

I am thinking about earthquake insurance. I wrote off for a quote a week or so ago and never heard. Tried again today. I'm sure it's going to be way more than I want to pay. But, I'm not sure I'm ready to walk away from what's left of this condo and all my stuff when The Big One hits, either. I go back and forth a lot. Probably it will end up being a 'no thanks' again.

One October, years ago, I got a package in the mail from my Mom. It was a smoke detector. This was back when they were fairly new and most people did not have them. It came with no note and we had never discussed smoke detectors and I'd never thought about getting one.

So ...getting the package was quite the head scratcher. I called Mom.

"We got one for each of you kids for part of your Christmas but then, I got to thinking, that if one of you had a fire between now and Christmas, I'd kick myself to death that your life saving smoke detector was here not there. So I just sent them to you."

So I'll probably say 'no thanks' to earthquake insurance and next week, we'll get The Big One.

Oh well, the wash needs to be moved to the dryer now. I probably will do that rather than wait for The Big One.
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