Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Air conditioner... love and hate but mainly love

Today is the first day that I turned on the air conditioner prophylactically. (And, with that, I learned for sure that my spelling is not being checked any more. Sigh.) I turned it on before I left for the pool. It's likely that for the next few days, I'll be able to turn it off about noon and still be comfortable. Looking at the forecast, this weekend it will go on and stay on.

I'm so grateful for the option to be cool. This unit is way more quiet than its predecessors but still gives me a constant noise. This one is way cheaper to operate than its prececessors but still, I'll see a fine increase in the electric bill this month.

On the upside (besides the cool) I cannot hear those workers outside who are still pounding concrete and banging all kinds of crap on the street just below me again today. They even blocked my way into my garage this morning. Hopefully they'll be on to annoy someone else soon.

My replacement Pixel chrome book arrives today. Maybe that's why spell check quit checking. I decided to put this one in to Developer mode to try it out as long as it was going back to Google anyway. I won't be doing that with the new one. I've found several things that don't work like I want them to and I'm ready to blame Developer Mode.

Today's sewing is going to be some testing. The shirt fabric I ordered won't be here until next week but I have some ideas that I can try out on scraps. And, of course, there are dolls to make.

It kind of amuses and amazes me how fascinated by sewing I have become. I love the color and the mechanics and the creative choices as much or even more than the result. I started sewing in my early teens and sewed a lot until my mid-20's and then I stopped. I had moved and left my amazing fabric store behind and I had enough money to buy nice clothes and I could easily wear off the rack without any alterations.

I've always had a machine in the house but it's been packed away in a cubboard for 40 years. I would bring it out and set it up for one off projects maybe once or twice a year. And then, a year ago this week, someone left this desk in the 'free' area of the garage. I loved it on sight but had no idea how to use it until I brought it upstairs and realized it was the pefect sewing desk.

And thus began what's now clearly an obsession. I started out with mending... all the mending that had stacked up. And then I made swimsuits. And then I found the dolls. And now shirts and jackets and still more dolls. I enjoy it so much.

AH ha!!! I refound spell check!! It was, indeed, a Chrome issue and now it's fixed. Whew.

And, with that victory, I'm headed back to the sewing room. The baseball game isn't until tonight so I'll be catching up on my podcasts.

Oh and here's the latest bear.

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