Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis


I kind of expected the crowds to return to the pool today but, nope. My friend Barrie, is back. Her granddaughter is back to her old self. Whew. But the girl in the black and pink suit who has been there every single weekday until last week... no show. The woman with the green water bottle who's there most weekdays... nope. The guy who only does 15 minutes but does it nearly every single day... nope. Oh the water walker in the pink hat who never smiles.. she actally was back today. But, still...

It's so rude of these people to just drop out of sight with no explaination.

The rest of my life today is lovely but pretty mundane. I have a wonder-where-that-came-from dark bruise on two of my toes. The dry skin that plagued me all winter is gone gone gone. Between no more winter and the magic of the right kind of (really expensive) lotion has ratcheted up my quality of life considerably.

I have a baseball game this afternoon and 3 dolls cut out and ready to sew. I finally managed to get the right combo of wifi signal back in the sewing room so that watching the game on TV while I sew isn't a kind of semi successful deal, it really does work. Wifi to tablet with TiVo app.

I got caught up in TV last night and didn't get the dishes done. That's next on the agenda.

ABC picked up a Canadian show last Summer - Motive. It was great. They dumped it. The USA network then grabbed it so it's now back and still really good TV. But, so very Canadian. One of the main characters - as kind of a side plot - has been diagnosed with a serious condition. If this was American TV, it would be something incredibly rare and always fatal or just something always fatal but not fatal this week. But, this is not American TV so the guy has Graves disease (they think). I love Canadians.

As usual, I've now killed an hour or so just piddling around on the internet. Ok, time to get to those dishes and then to sewing.
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