Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Not exactly success...

My jacket is stalled because I ran out of thread. I have a house full of thread, actually - probably a dozen spools of various reds, another dozen of pinks, a lot of beige, some navy, some black. Zero green. My jacket is mostly green. My final bit is top stitching which really needs to be green, so hault.

I have probably an hour's worth of work left or less. The whole thing took me way longer than necessary because I kept doing stupid stuff. Cut out only one sleeve. Sewed the shoulders backwards. Ran out of fabric to do the bottom like I wanted because, yeah, I really do need two sleeves. And, over all, I'm not sure it's going to be the great piece I had in mind but I got a lot figured out and I did get that fabulous t-shirt and all the t-shirts to come out of it so I'm not too bummed.

The fabric store that annoys me usually is, at least, open tomorrow so I can stop and pick up green thread on my way home from the pool and finish up the jacket.

The Mariners are playing like they have before this year... losing. Not fun. Plus they keep switching out the regular broadcasters. If I have to listen to a loss, at least let me do it with my buds!

Bitch, moan I think I'll fire up TiVo and watch CBS Sunday morning and start a new bear.
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