Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis


I sewed my jacket while I swam today. Step by step. It was a fabulous mental exercise and I came up with what I think will be a way better way to finish off that rounded bottom edge.

I thought about stopping in to get a haircut on the way home but the place looked pretty crowded. It's quite handy - on my way home - I can just fall into their parking lot. Except they don't open til 9 and I finish swimming usually at 8. And weekends are crowded. They have a new shop opening up a few blocks from here 'in June'... June is Wednesday but I'm not counting on their being open then. Maybe they will be open tomorrow when my swim will be done about 9 and because it's a holiday no one will realize they are open. Maybe. Or maybe I'll just grow my hair long.

There's a baseball game at 1. I think I'll watch it on my tablet back by the sewing machine. I'm ready to get this jacket started.

I think tonight I'm going back to Fat's for an early dinner when they open at 5 - like I did last week. 1. A restaurant named Fat's is clearly a restaruant that 'gets' me. 2. They have delicious fried okra which is my favorite. It's a messy bitch to make at home. And it's the ONLY way anyone with any sense would eat okra. Last week I got an additional order to go and warmed it up to go with dinner on Monday and it was spectacularly delicous again. So why not repeat?

Last night's bear. For some reason, bear production is way up this month. There are already 12 finished and delivery isn't until next Friday.

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