Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Smoke break w/out cigs

My swim sewing revelations worked perfectly. I was working out 3 problems to solve.

1. What to do with that nice jersey I bought.
2. Easy t-shirt that fits.
3. Jacket pattern in something for summer.

So I used 2 to see if 1 might be the answer to 3. It is!

The pattern I made in the garment cloning class is my key.

I have a hard time getting tshirts to fit. I have gigundo hips and teeny weeny shoulders so to clear my hips, the shoulder seam falls about in line with my elbow and looks as bad as it sounds. And I wanted the bottom curved and I wanted it plain enough so that I could change it easily - more ease in the back for a trapese-y look, longer sleeves, collar, etc.

SO... tweaked the jacket pattern to turn it into a tshirt. NOTE how the shoulder fits perfectly???? And the nice curved hem? Then I made a pattern out of the new tshirt.

The tshirt also convinced me that the jersey will make an excellent jacket for summer. So I cut out all those pieces and might just put it together tomorrow.

I'm quite pleased with myself. This was the only decent knit the fabric store had or else I'd go right back and get more today. But, there are better knits and better deals online so I'll order. I'd like to have a few more nice tshirts.
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