Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Memorial Day

We didn't have Memorial Day when I was growing up in the south. My freshman year in a Yankee college, kids started making Memorial Day plans in January. I was really confused.

During my working years, I learned to love it for the long weekend.

Now it just means that the gym will open late on Monday. I'm such a sentamentalist.

I made cheesy egg muffins today that were ok. I hadn't made any in a long time and lost my touch. BUT I only made 6 and my tongue reminded me of where I went wrong (needed more cheese, cayenne pepper (I added a little siracha but that didn't work), and less time in the oven.

Here's the recipe I'll use this weekend for 6 muffins:

I use large silcone muffin cups and put a half a strip of bacon in each and nuke for 1 min.

Then I mix up the following and evenly divide it into cups. This will rise so better to have 7 cups then fill to the top.

6 eggs
2(ish) cups shredded cheese
3/4th(ish) cups Bisquick
1/4th to 1/2(ish) cup heavy cream
healthy dose of caynne

350 degree oven for 30 mins. These beauties freeze beautifully.

Today's dolls:

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