Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis


All day yesterday, I thought it was Friday. Imagine my surprise today!

And it was another day of mostly just me in the pool. My friend Barrie has been taking care of her granddaughter all week and I haven't even seen her. I suspect she'll be there tomorrow morning. There are a couple of other regulars who have been MIA as well. I hope they aren't gone for good. I miss them.

When I go through the McDonald's drive through I hand them my money and ask them to put the change in the donation (Ronald McDonald House) box. I cannot reach it from my car or I'd do it myself. Every time. Every time. Every time, the person taking the money looks me dead in the eye and gives me a smile and tells me thank you. And not just a haveaniceday thank you, either. This morning, she smiled and said with a lovely smile, 'That's very generous, thank you so much.' It was 4 freakin' sense.

I do not go to McDonald's often but the one closest to me is the best one on the planet. A few years ago, after I had actually gone in and sat down to eat, I was so impressed with the experience, I looked up the franchise owner and sent them a letter praising the store crew.

Based on the reaction I got, I surmise that even as good as they are, they don't get a lot of thank you notes.

Google Music sprang a Harry Chapin song on me this morning. I miss that sentimental old fool. Oddly enough I can remember exactly where I was when I heard he had died. (In the kitchen trying to avoid my husband who wanted again to 'discuss our relationship'.)

The Mariners were off yesterday and I missed them. I could never be a football fan. Once a week is just not enough playing to sustain me. We're playing Minnesota. I'm ready.

I broke down and ordered one of the new Pebble watches. I should have ordered some self control but I couldn't find the buy button for that.

Now I think I'll go make a doll.

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