Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Task Rabbiting here...

Jesse is hard at work and making great progress. I showed him the task and the tools and he was kind enough to close the door after he went out to get to work. I didn't even think about it but it's a good thing he did. I can see the dust flying.

Zoey is watching him like a hawk.

The second part of Jesse's job will be to wash the windows. It's a nice cloudy day out. I've always believed that windows should be washed on a cloudy day. I read recently that it's because in the sunshine the moisture dries too fast and so leaves streaks. I don't care why, I'm just glad it's cloudy.

My last three Amazon orders have all arrived one day later than promised. Well two of them. The third one was supposed to be here today but ain't. So I just wrote Amazon a nice letter explaining that I found this unacceptable. I asked that they pass along my discontent to the people who deal with USPS and with the people who decide what delivery date to add to the website AND I asked for $3 of digital credit for no rush shipping since that's really what I got. I'll be kind of surprised if they don't give me the $3.

[Edit less than 2 hours after email: They did, indeed, give me $3 AND they extended my Prime Membership an extra month! It's no wonder they get all my money. They earn it!]

Jesse's done. He did a great job on the rug. Not so great on the windows but not terrible either. I'm glad to have it all done and still be breathing.

The carpet he replaced was gray - filthy dirty gray. I like the brown. I need to wash down that table base. I washed the table and chairs down so now the terrace is actually usable! Until it rains/leaks again.

Back to dolls.
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