Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Dust hangover

I really don't understand the science behind breathing and how the lungs work. I think it might be smart for me to learn but living in the land of denial is usually a pretty cushy existence.

I spent several years considering myself a walking invalid. I could barely get to the end of the block without having to stop and rest. I sucked down two inhalers every day plus I used a rescue inhaler lots. I was always afraid of not being able to breathe.

And then I got better. Way better. Invincibly better. Until I hit the Dust Bowl of 2016 last night and was reminded that better is relative.

It's actually no big deal. So I can no longer work in dust. That's a bad thing? I can afford to pay someone to do it. Everything else in my life is better and better. I'm not sure why I am so bummed about this whole thing.

Swimming this morning really helped. Having my face in the water for an hour felt very cleansing.

There was an older couple I hadn't seen before walking the lane next to mine. After my shower, while I was getting dressed, she stopped me and wanted to know where I got my suit. I told her that I had made it and turns out she's a sewer, too, and just yesterday saw some cute 4 way stretch fabric at JoAnn's. I showed her all my tricks and how/why I did it all. She loved the fabric of my suit but really loved the cut and shape. I think she's off to make her own this afternoon.

Baseball, so far this year, is just fun. The Mariners are one of the two teams in Major League Baseball that have never once even been to a World Series. Most years they have worked very hard to move up from sucks to just bad. Most years they don't even do that. And I've watched or listened to most all of the games - win or lose.

But, this year... new players, new manager, new owner. And, wins. I have to admit, winning is way more fun than losing. Way more fun. It could turn to shit tomorrow (they don't play today) and I need to make sure I wallow in these heady first days of the 2016 season.

This morning I'm off to the sewing room to dig into more of that Goodwill haul from yesterday. The Task Rabbit guy will be here at 1. I have some more teeny weeny potatoes so there may be some potato salad making at some point.
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