Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

So many little things

My house is SOOOOOO clean. YEAH. Seriously, this gives me such joy and peace that it's nearly silly.

I went to Goodwill and dropped off my car load and then went inside. That cost me $50. Well, $25 worth of great stuff and $25 worth of donation. I always look in the linen aisles for cute fabrics. Pillow cases often are adorable. And used ones are so soft. The close weave of that kind of fabric is perfect. Today there was a fuck ton of adorable pillowcases. Camo Snoopy!!! I finally had to quit looking. I knew it was a mistake to make more room in the sewing storage.

Also I decided that my fleece jacket will need bias tape around all the edges and it needs to be black knit fabric bias tape which you have to make. While I was in Goodwill, it dawned on me that the men's section has giant sized black t-shirts that will produce excellent, plentiful black knit bias tape. So I scored a couple but then I found am Obama Hope black t-shirt in my size that I just had to buy. I may use the back for tape and the front as applique or I may just wear the shirt. So all in all a great haul.

Then I went on to get gas. While I was getting gas, I got an email that a book (actual tree book) I had on old was ready at the library not far from where I was. So on to the library where I picked that up. Then home.

Along the way I saw that Seattle has an Eritrean Restaurant. I had to look up where Eritrea even is! (Found it over in East Africa.)

And I saw a guy in a bright apple red suit (think pimp suit) what looked to be not only brand new but also pressed by the best ironer in the world with a bright apple red derby on his head polishing the wheels of a bright, shiny apple red Camero. I will forever regret not stopping to take that picture.
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