Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

This 'n that...

I'm watching the British Sewing Bee and watched the first half of episode 2 last night. They made 'baby grows' which was a term I had never heard before. It turns out to be a kind of onesie with legs that opens all the way from ankle to neck instead of crotch.

When I googled 'baby grow' this morning, I got images of onsies. Oh and I learned that snaps are called poppers which is kind of delightful and makes just as much sense as snaps.

And, finally, this guy made a kind of simplified down vest only he called it a bomber jacket and then used another french sounding word for it. I can get on board with baby grows and poppers but I'm not buying short down vest=bomber jacket. Those Brits must have some weird bombers.

I do love the show so much. I like the sewing a lot. I like hearing new terms and words. But mainly I like seeing all the people and watching them work together. They do not compete against each other but against the best versions of themselves. At least once a show some contestant hollers out "Can someone help me here?" and always more than one of the other contestants fly over to help. And there is NO sniping at all. none.

I still have half of this week's episode to watch. It's like knowing you still have half of the most delicious cupcake squirreled away and waiting for you.

As I pulled into the garage this morning from the pool, I noticed a little odometer treat.

I'm really piling the miles onto this little car. I've only had it 5 years and already more 16,000 miles! My car before this, I had for 12 years and it only had about 25,000 miles on it. I need to get gas. I hate it when gas gets below half a tank. The tank only holds 8 gallons so if I keep it topped off, gas station visits aren't such a pain.

The house cleaner comes today. Her last date was canceled because there was an afternoon game and the viaduct was down so there was way too much traffic and no parking. I suggested she skip and she did. So it's been a month and boy, does it look it! She comes every two weeks and I often think that's too often. This reminds me it certainly is not!

After I finish my coffee, I'm going to grab the rest of the stuff to donate and go make a Goodwill run while they clean.
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