Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

The rest of Tuesday

I finished two dolls but then I had to take a break. Cleaning out the fabric scraps turned into a BFD. I had to debate each piece. If I had a big sewing room, probably Goodwill would be wanting but I don't so they won't be. I hauled the big bag down to the car - whew. I have another bag of stuff to add to it but I'm going to wait until just before I actually go to Goodwill. My Smart Car has no more spare storage than the sewing room!

I had a really interesting research interview with Google this afternoon. It was one of the most interesting I've done. And pays $75. Nice.

In the course of that interview I discovered that the headphone jack on my Pixel chromebook is a dead duck. I'm on hold now with the second tier support at Google. I'm guessing it's going to be a replacement. Happily, my warranty still has some months on it. Google has some really odd and not very pleasant hold music.

Ok, so, hold music over and, turns out, so is my warranty! Yikes. It ran out at the end of March but "since that was not so long ago" Andrew approved me for a one time exemption and is sending me a new Pixel. Sweet.

It's 5 pm already. wow. This day got right by me.

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