Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Yes, except when...

I am on hold with the post office. I know it's a waste of time and the hold music is annoying... Well, just got a guy, told him my issue, he acknowledged it and then we got cut off (or he hung up on me). Oh well. It's a package coming to me from Los Angeles. They sent it to San Diego where it has been for a week.

Hopefully, he'll punt it out and up to me. At least I have the tracking number and can go back to the seller with proof I never got it. Annoying but not fatal.

I love my Pebble watch. There are things I wish it did better and I wish it was smaller. Today Pebble announced a bunch of new stuff including a watch that has a few advantages over my current one. A few. But it's new tech! A new toy. And not outrageously expensive. But I think I'm going to pass on it. I've looked at all the info and it looks like a fine replacement for this one WHEN this one dies. I rarely use 'I don't need it' and as excuse for not buy tech. Hell, I rarely don't buy the tech but today... it happened.

Today was the second day at the pool when it was nearly empty. Very weird. Maybe everyone took this week off instead of next for Memorial Day. Ok by me.

Tonight's baseball game includes a guest broadcaster who gives me the nails on chalkboard feeling so I will not be watching that game on TV. At least they gave me fair warning in last night's game so I don't tune in to get slapped in the face by that asshole. (Not that I feel strongly, mind you.) I'll "watch" by keeping an eye on the computer real time simulation and watch something else on TV. He only pollutes my game a couple of times a month so it's not a huge deal. Just annoying.

Before I start to sew today, I need to work on my storage situation. The new fabric that was delivered yesterday has no home. I have a lot of scraps that need to go to Goodwill. That's going to all happen first. My sewing space is not big. Plus, it needs to disappear on command and turn into a guest room. So everything must fit into a place or it cannot stay. Those are the rules.

Here's the latest bear.

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