Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Delivery and other pix

I've been looking for something to help the sink clutter for a long time. I ordered this from Amazon assuming it was not going to work at all - not fit the sink, not work around the faucet, just in general be a Send-It-Back-Immediately. Instead, it's a keeper and I love it.

Finally, some order back there!

After I took my clothing cloning class, I ordered some fabric. I wanted some fleece to use for a jacket and some more fleece to use for a vest and then I a nice swimsuit fabric on sale and a great knit for a top or something that was really on sale. And it all came today.

Looks like I'll be doing some adult sewing soon. No rush. Nice to have good fabrics on hand.

Today there were dolls.

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