Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

There will be meatloaf

My Mom was a fabulous cook. She could whip up a gourmet dinner for 12 using only grape jelly, tomato juice and the 4 olives left in the jar. Probably an exaggeration but still, she was good. Really, really good. And she really didn't enjoy it. But she did it and did it well. For years, they lived in places without good restaurants so when Daddy needed to entertain for business, Mom laid out the spread. Over and over again.

And family meals were always spectacular. But, her meatloaf sucked. It was boring and dry. Chef Anita, who, for years, came in and cooked and filled up my freezer every other week, made delicious everything. Her meatloaf was better than my mother's but not as good as mine. I make the best meatloaf in the world. I just never do it.

Today, after my swim, I stopped at the grocery and got the goods and today I'll put them all together and bake and then slice for eating and for freezing. YUM.

Oh and the grocery that took Diet Dr. Pepper off their shelves? They have seen the light and it's back on the shelves now. I didn't really need any but I bought a six pack as a way to say thank you.

My swim was good. I had the pool to myself. A couple of guys came in and used the spa but no one was in the pool. Yesterday it was packed to the gills. Today. Just me.

I've had this increasingly annoying issue with the pool and my mouth. The chemicals in the pool make it feel weird. Yesterday, I picked up some mouth wash and this morning, when I finished my swim, I swizzled some around and while the taste was horrific, now, an hour and half later, it really seems to have mostly fixed the issue so yeah!!

After my shower today I was drying off and noticed a black spot on one of my toes. I tried hard to get it off only to figure out it is a horrible bruise that I have no memory of acquiring. Weird.

I think I'll go ahead and make the meatloaf before I even start sewing...
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