Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis


Barrie and I had a long visit this morning because the Mean Guy™ wouldn't let us into the pool early. But we both managed to get our swims in before the crowd arrived. LOTS o' swimmers like to show up at 9, apparently.

Then I took myself to a new (to me) restaurant for breakfast, to Walgreens and to the Dollar Store. Now I'm home and all is put away and I'm internet caught up. And the baseball game starts in 15 minutes.

I do love my new kitchen set up. I love the clean and tidy of it so much. Tidy places are so much easier to keep that way. And since my kitchen is in the middle of the loft, it's the room I see most often. Nice to see it shiny.

It's a cool and rainy-ish day which is great. Except, I keep hearing the kitchen sink drip and getting up to fix it only to find it's the drip on the terrace that I'm hearing... drip drip drip.

Soon the game will be on and all drips will be drowned out!
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