Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

A wild hair

I don't have a pantry. I have two very deep drawers (where food hides under layers of other foods) and a couple of cupboards (where only one shelf is really get-to-able) so dry food storage is always a problem.

A while back got I got a bunch of canisters and that helps a lot. If I can see the cereal I have on hand, it does not get school aged before I eat it.

BUT, I hate hate hate cluttered counter tops. They give me claustrophobia. So... finally today, I made a pantry out of the shelves opposite the kitchen. I cleared off 4 of them and moved all the canisters to the new make shift pantry.

The kitchen looks and, better yet, feels so much better! Ahhhh room to breathe!

And still I can see what's on hand.

I've had my kitchen cluttered with those canisters for years. I have no clue why, today, I decided to fix the problem. But, I'm glad I did.

Today's baseball game looks like it's going to be rained out. Bummer because it's against a National League team in their park so we get to see our pitchers bat which is rare. It hasn't been called off yet but is in the "likely to be rained out" box.

I think I'm going to go make one more doll while I wait to learn the baseball fate.
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