Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Slow start but penalty free

I got my swim in and stopped at Trader Joe's and came home promptly and then fell into the internet hole. But, I've got nothing going on today so no biggie.

Last night I watched a massive rain storm come in from the east. I've always had spectacular clouds out my windows which are east facing. It's a great perk of this place. Last night they were very dark gray and then they cleared up and the bottom fell out. It rained hard. The kind of rain that my Mom would get her car out of the garage for "Let God wash it".

I noticed a guy in the apartment building across the street four or five floors higher than me. As the rain started he came out on his small covered terrace with his beer and sat down, by himself and just watched it rain. It was a very peaceful tableau.

It reminded me of the joy of cigarette smoking. Those pauses in the day when you just sat down and lit up and did nothing for five minutes. They were great and I've never been able to replicate them without the cigarette.

I also miss the socializing of smoking. Schmoozing over a smoke with smoking buds trading snark about the holier than thou non-smokers. I had a non-smoking boss once. He was the top executive over 6,000 employees at a software lab. He hated it when my buddies (his other staff members) and I would go out for a smoke. He could see us in the courtyard from his office. He'd always grill me about our conversation content. I always told him we were plotting a coup.

I had one of my most fun long-ish term relationships that started when the guy next to me at a baseball game whipped out is Zippo to light my cigarette.

Yeah smoking fucked up my lungs and probably will shorten my life and, in the end, got really expensive. There's no way I cold even choke down one drag today, but, my memories of smoking are nearly all good and happy and joyful. If I had it to do over again, I'm not sure I'd not smoke.

Ok, enough time frittered away... time to clean up the kitchen, put together a shrimp salad to marinate until lunch and then wash the dishes before I head back to the doll factory.

Oh, here's the latest bear

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