Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis


I spent a lot of my swim going over my grocery list and then remembered thee is a baseball game this morning and I really didn't need anything so I scrapped the stop.

Barrie was there and said they have confirmed her granddaughter's infection is MRSA. They operated last night and changed antibiotics and the surgeon had only very hopeful things to say. She said that her little 3 year old personality is back already. When she got there yesterday she asked the little girl if the doctor had been in and she reported there were 'lots of them! it was like a birthday party!'

Here's hoping it turns very quickly to clear road to recovery.

I wore different goggles and still got goggle-eye which is still have now an hour and a half later.I really don't like the goggles I wore today so I'm kind of glad they didn't fix the problem. I'm sure having old, fat skin does not help the situation and since I have no photo shoots scheduled, it's not a tragedy.

It's lovely and chilly out today and rainy. My drip is dripping good today. I'm guessing it will get fixed soon. I'm not stressed about it. Just grateful that it's outside and that it's being handled.

In fact, I think I'm going to hop out and walk around the block before the game starts. Then I'll do some sewing probably...
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