Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis


My goggles, this morning, made a dent in my face that is even still a little visible. My goggles never give me goggle eye. More than once I've had people ask me how I manage that. I'm careful to keep them not tight but otherwise don't think about it.  This morning about 2 hours after I came home from the pool, I was in the bathroom and had hand cream on my hands to I rubbed it in my face and there it was ... goggle eye! Only one. Weird. I've also been sneezing and my eyes are itchy so it's probably all related... and fatal. hehehehe But, so far, I'm not dead yet.

Adam the roof fixer found the leak source pretty quickly. He recommends a quick and easy fix as a first try and if that doesn't work, then try more. Sounds cool to me.

I downloaded the beta version of the next Android OS onto my phone. I've been running it on my tablet for a while but wanted to wait until they got to a more stable level before I loaded it onto my phone. They did. I did and so far, so good.

I'm coming to the end of a lot of my favorite fabrics - like this skateboard print. It was the hem around a pillowcase I got at Goodwill. I managed to stretch it out to three dolls.

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