Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Clearing the decks for Beyonce...

There is a Beyonce concert in the football stadium tonight. When I came back from my swim, I noticed that prep has begun... porta potties, strobe lights, fencing and signs all over the parking lot and grounds. It's supposed to rain. It's an open air stadium.  There will be action in the 'hood tonight. It might me cool enough to close the doors or hot enough to close the doors and turn on the A/C if it gets too loud. I think I'm covered either way.

The stadium is close enough to here that I can see, even from where I'm sitting now, some of the seats but not the field.  When they set up for concerts the stage is set so that the back of it faces my way. So I can generally hear the noise but not the music. I'm not a Beyonce fan anyway.

Before Beyonce is Adam. Adam is the guy who fixes ceiling leaks. He's coming here at 10 this morning to look at mine.

And then there will be sewing until baseball at 4. My friend, Barrie, was not at the pool today. I am so hoping that does not mean her granddaughter is in peril. I cannot imagine what it would be like to have a beloved 3 year old in a health crisis.

This bear got finished last night.

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