Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis


OMG, the woman who uses my email address is signing up for shit again. There are actually two different women, I believe. One uses and one uses It seems to me that if I signed up for newsletters, receipts, emails and never got any, I'd get curious as to the cause. But, apparently, I am a special snowflake. And I am forever grateful for the places that make you confirm your email address by sending you an email. At least those places give me a shot at NFW.

I had a nice swim this morning until the end, when my friend, Barrie came in for her swim and told me that her granddaughter is in the hospital with an infection and they are all worried sick. 3 years old. Barrie and her husband watch her every Friday and I'm pretty sure she's their only grandchild. Barrie said she was going to swim just a little and then go back home and sit by the phone again. How tough that must be.

The baseball game is at 4 today and that's the only thing on the calendar but I really do need to get out today and take a walk - even if it's only around the block. My back needs it and probably my legs. I spent yesterday sitting at the sewing machine and sitting in front of the TV and I need to work in a little muscle variety. Swimming is great but a little walk won't hurt either. The sun is out pretty full force but it's still cool and supposed to be cloudy this afternoon.

kk1raven asked me a great question about how I got started with the bears and dolls and I gave her, probably way more answer than she bargained for so I thought I'd link it here for posterity.

Turns out wrapping the breakfast burritos in parchment paper works out perfectly. They go from freezer to fridge to microwave easily with no muss or fuss! I'm going to have to get more when I go back to the dollar store (this weekend?). I used my sewing parchment paper this time. I need to get the kitchen some of its own.

I got an idea for using some fabric that isn't my favorite for a doll today while I was swimming. Off now to see if my idea will work.
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