Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis


My kitchen sink still drips - not badly enough to really get something done but badly enough to annoy me.

But the real drip is on the terrace. It stopped for most of yesterday but is back this morning in turbo mode. I would not be at all surprised to see the ceiling on the floor very soon. The building manager is on the case so, happily, I don't have to do anything. Plus, I had planned to clean up the terrace - wash the furniture, replace the carpet, etc. I line the floor with $40 of what's essentially a very very large door mat from Home Depot. I have to replace it every 4 or 5 years. I had ordered replacement but their free shipping is very slow so it's not even here yet. Turns out, my infrequent procrastination really pays off this time!

While I was swimming this morning I started thinking about meatloaf. Yeah, I got not thought control. I haven't had any meatloaf in a long time. Store made is never as good as mine and I'm too lazy to make mine. But, I think it's time. However, the freezer is full. I need to eat it at least halfway empty before I add any more. There is lots of beef, pork and chicken in there. I do not need more meat just now. The meatloaf will have to wait.

I think today, I'll get in there and organize what is there so that it does get eaten. I know I have several 'one more serving' bags of stuff in there taking up valuable real estate.

There's no ballgame today and nothing on the calendar at all. A free day!

After my chores it's on to sewing. There are dolls all cut out and waiting for life!

Oh here's the bear I finished last night.

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