Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Kitchen efficiency

I've had these tiny new potatoes on my kitchen counter for a while. I've had them for dinner a couple of times, but I'm done with that. So today I boiled them up and then using the last, lonely hardboiled egg in the fridge and a bunch of other stuff on hand, I made some pretty sexy potato salad.

Then, I made another batch of breakfast burritos and used up the last of the green chilies. I used Trader Joe's tortillas which rolled up nicely with no holes (also I cut my nails which could have contributed to the no holes situation). I rolled them in parchment paper in hopes that they can just go from fridge to microwave directly. I have been using plastic wrap which means I had to unwrap each before the microwave. This will be nice if it works.

Then I washed all the dishes and felt quite productive.

It's beautifully cloudy and cool today. And the Mariners aren't losing so far. Plus another Dora doll.

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