Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Drip drip

Last Sunday the unit above was leaking into mine. FORTUNATELY, the leak was coming into my terrace and not my living room. According to the building manager, it was most likely caused by the guy upstairs not keeping his deck cleared. The floor above mine has a completely different layout than the rest of the floors in this building. They have large decks. So my terrace and half of my living room ceiling is their deck.

The units up there were added onto the roof of the original old warehouse building that was the genesis of these condos. So floors 2, 3 and 4 are original building and 5 is new construction on the original building's roof.

Anyway on my way to a nap, I heard something... Yep, drip drip drip again. So note to building manager, guy above me and HOA president. Happily, we have a guy. Adam has been fixing roof leaks in this building for years. The building manager replied to my email saying to keep an eye on it and he'd have Adam in here on Monday to fix.

Nice. Very Very nice.

So no nap. My latest yarn order came in so I went down to the garage and got it. Then I decided to copy my new pattern. Swedish tracing paper is a little more resilient than regular tissue paper which is what the pattern is on now. I'm going to make a copy to use so I can put the original away for safe keeping.

And there's an early baseball game this evening. And I have TiVo to watch before then so no nap today.

It is blissfully cloudy today and a cooler. No A/C needed. Nice.
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