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Last night I checked and discovered that the pool at the LA Fitness I was headed to this morning, has a class in it at 9. Gym opens at 8, class there at 9 and I need an hour plus some to get in my 2,000 yards. The math wasn't working out. Especially when you factor in that there could be a problem with my membership check in.

So between stressing over that and it's being hot and whatever else, I did not sleep well last night at all. I kept waking up and going back to sleep and waking up 15 minutes later. It was tiresome.

The pool is 15/20 minutes from here in early Saturday morning traffic. I finally left the house about 7 and got there at 7:30. I decided that hanging out in the car was less productive than hanging out at the front door of the gym, so I got my stuff and went to wait for the door to open. BUT... the door was open. There were zero people at the front desk. Their computers were not even turned on. But there were maybe 5 people on the machines and as I turned the corner to the pool, there were already 2 people swimming and 2 people water walking and opening time was still 30 minutes away??!!! Freaky.

But what a great swim it was. And while I was not in a hurry at all now, I still managed my fastest time in maybe forever. 1 hour 2 minutes. Wild.

At my gym, there are fresh towels in the locker room. The locker room at the Ballard gym looked much the same so I assumed. WRONG - O. I got out of the shower, dripping wet to find 3 large bins of used, wet towels and not one single clean dry one. I finally picked carefully off the top and got a used towel that hadn't been used much. I hope. Note to me... when visiting a gym you are not familiar with, get a handle on the towel sitch before you strip to naked.

Oh and watch the signage. That buck naked guy I ran into when I waltzed into the Men's locker room is old enough not to have been too traumatized, I hope.

Then on to McDonald's for coffee and a sausage biscuit and then to class.  Ballard isn't the greatest for finding parking - especially not free parking. But damn if I didn't luck into a spot just exactly Smart Car size on the first free side street. Some days you just get lucky. The place was interesting. It's apparently been there for years and years. It's no frills but a fun place to work. Nice big tall tables with giant store front windows to the street so lots to see when you left your eyes up from your work.

Turns out I was the only person in the class. It seems like they were expecting more but I was it. I wonder if they had other people that had paid their money and just didn't show.  $225 is a lot o' cash to just blow off, I think.  Anyway, it was fine being the only student. I had all the time and help I needed and learned a lot.  There was no sewing at all and thinking back, I'm not sure why I thought there would be.  It was strickly pattern making. How to make a pattern from an already put together garment. I made a pretty darned spectacular pattern of my favorite jacket.  And am now very confident that I could clone nearly anything I wanted.

The class was supposed to go until 3 but I finished up about 2 and I was starving so I said thanks and bye and went to find food. There are a biscillion adorable eating places in Ballard and I couldn't find one to suit and I didn't want to get in the car and drive to one. So I just walked across the big road to this old waterfront diner that I'd been to before and got a perfectly delicious fried chicken sandwich with onion rings. I bought half of it home - it will make a nice dinner.

I'm really beat. I'm guessing there will be no sleep issues tonight. I feel like I could pass out now and be good til morning. When you sit on your ass all day every day, standing up for 4 straight hours - even totally engaged - is exhausting!

My twitter feed is all about Eurovision. Every time I forget what a BFD this is for my twitter feed. It feels like everyone in the world is watching and caring deeply about something that is a total mystery to me. This happens every time. And then I forget until the next time.

I hate naps but I think I'm going to have to go get one anyway.
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