Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis


All I can think about today is how I don't itch. I feel like my back and legs and torso and a host of other body parts have itched severely forever and now none do. It's amazing. Also looking at my hands, while sewing or typing, they aren't crackling claws of dried skin. I no longer care about how you pronounce Cereve. I only care about making sure I have it always available.

The house cleaner did not come today after all. Which is fine. Every two weeks is really too often. Once a month is not often enough. Once every 3 weeks is too difficult to keep track of. She'll be here in two weeks and I'll be profoundly grateful.

I signed up for Facebook when it first started. I never figured it out and then, one day, my sister sent a friend request. Rather than step up to sending her a NO or just ignoring the request, I just closed the account. Now, all these many years later, Facebook still has all the issues that made me run away originally. But more and more, content providers are moving their content there. I just saw a piece by NPR about all the content they are starting up there and several other news outlets are serving offering Facebook only content. I really wish it wasn't so. There really is no way, at the point, I'll ever log into Facebook. I just hope there is some internet left for the other two people in the world who aren't on Facebook and me.

Afternoon baseball. Dolls so far today:

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