Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis


Last night, lights out, I settled in to fall asleep and was struck by not itching! For the first time in months. Nothing itched. It was amazing. One application yesterday morning and I'm cured. Ok, so maybe a bit premature. But... still. I haven't lathered up yet today but I will right after I finish this entry. I did find that CeraVe (how the hell is that even pronounced??) does have an itch relief lotion but I'm not even sure I need that.

Today's baseball game is at home at noon:30. The stadium workers were heading in to work when I came back from the pool. Today is the day the house cleaner is scheduled. Last week I sent her an email inviting her to skip it today since traffic will be an issue and parking. The traffic is not quite as bad since the Viaduct reopened early but still, she always bitches about parking. So I told her just to skip today.

I hear nothing back so I have no idea whether or not she'll be here today. I'd really like her to be a little more reliable and easier to communicate with but, I'm not going to worry about it. However, if she does come and does her usual bitch about parking/traffic, at least I can say I tried.

If she does come, even with game traffic, I'm heading out to Costco. I need bacon and their bacon bits. I tried a couple of the grocery store's bacon bits options and, they don't get it. Costco does. And I'm out. If the house cleaner doesn't come I'll do Costco bacon tomorrow.
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