Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

So far... so good

I got the high priced CeraVe lotion for very dry skin. And I slathered it everywhere. And... it seems to be working. My skin feels now - 6 hours later - like I put the lotion on only about 10 minutes ago and there has been no itching. PIA to totally cream up but, if it works, I'm there.

When I went to look up the ink, I also saw they have an anti itch and it's at the CVS near the pool. I printed out the coupon and I'm heading there tomorrow.

I was accepted into the Google study. 1 hour of a video phone call for $75? Count me in. It sounds like it's about the Google store. Godknows I've bought enough stuff there.

And I made stuff.

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