Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Happy Monday!!

I went to the gym this morning instead of the city pool. I got done and showered and dressed and in the car to come home at 8 am. Gym to home is also the same route that a gigantic neighborhood gets from home to work every day. And, of course, 8 am is the peak.

On my way to the pool last week, even leaving here at 9:30, the other side of the road (homebound direction) was packed bumper to bumper most of 4 miles.

Today, it was clear sailing at 8! It took me 11 minutes to get home. It felt like a time machine!

One of the regulars at the pool asked me where I had been. So nice to be missed.

Today's big deal is my doctor's appointment. I need to ask him about the itching and about the Spiriva. And then hear him tell me to quit eating white things, including sugar and also lose some weight, please. I really like my doctor and am so grateful to have him.

My horrible haircut from March is now grown out enough that I think I can go get it trimmed back into something way less Holy Heck, We You The Victim Of A Sneak Scissors Attack???? Maybe this week.
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