Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

2.5 pieces of BIG news!

The .5 is that the leak has now stopped. Whew. I think maybe the ceiling won't fall in. About once a week I have the thought 'thankyoujesus that I live in a condo so this problem is not mine to solve.' This leak is a great example. There are lots of things you don't get in a condo but not having to fuck with leaks is why you pay your dues. I'm happy to pay.

The first one is that I threw together a shrimp and macaroni salad today that is just DELICIOUS!! I had a hankerin' for shrimp scampi so at the store I sussed out shrimp options. The stuff is so damn expensive. Finally I opted for cooked, tailed, deveined frozen in a big bag. When I got home I saved some out for scampi and then put the rest in smaller bags in the freezer.

This afternoon I pulled out some and boiled up some macaroni that I had and threw in some chopped onions and celery that were in the freezer and a hard boiled egg, some mayo and seasonings and mixed it all together and put it in the fridge to think about the life it wanted. I thought later that maybe it might want a little pickle relish and I have some so I grabbed a fork to taste it first and OMG, it is FABULOUS! No relish needed. I made it for lunch but I might have some for dinner.

But, the big big big news is... I was just blog checking. The West Seattle Blog is the best news source for miles around. They got in the game early and have only gotten better. My gym and grocery stores and manicurist and pizza place and a whole lot of other stuff is over in West Seattle so I keep an eye on their news (plus, they also cover a lot of city news - so checking their first always pays off). Anyway...

THE VIADUCT WILL BE OPEN FOR TOMORROW'S COMMUTE!!!! The nightmare is over. Early!! Unbelievable. And so fabulous. Now I don't have to miss any swims at all. I am so doing the happy dance here.

Also they reported that this afternoon there was a stabbing at my Safeway. That's not so good. Glad I wasn't there. It's in really white fairly tony neighborhood - not stabbie at all. weird.

Anyway, I'm so excited about getting my pool back. I appreciate having the city pool but I like my gym and my routine and I want to get back to it. Tomorrow. YEAH!!!

Oh and here's today's doll.

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