Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis


I got to the pool early as usual and as is now a custom between me and Barrie - whoever gets there first checks the doors to make sure they are locked. A couple of months or so ago, she and I waited outside for like 20 minutes one Sunday only to have the front desk person come in behind us and discover that the front door had not been locked Saturday night.

So now we check first. Today, the door was, again, unlocked. I waited in the little vestibule until Barrie showed up about 2 mins later. We giggled our way back to the pool. The locker room has no windows and is pitch black but we can do it by feel. So we had been swimming for 20 minutes before the gym opened for business! It tickled us to bits.

After our swim, I swung by the front desk to turn in my 'gimme the gym for free now' letter. It was a little futzy. My first LA membership was under Silver Sneakers. Then I had to buy a new membership when my insurance quit paying for Silver Sneakers. Today they had to inactivate membership #2 and give me a whole new one. I'm running out of usenames! I don't get a refund BUT they told me that they just put the paid membership on free 'hold' and if something happens to Silver&Fit, then they can just start it up again without the extra new member fees. This is perfect for me.

So now I'm all set up and free. Being old has a lot o' perks.

It's beautifully cloudy and cool today. I'm definitely going to pull out the air conditioner and set it up so that it will be ready when needed. I could have used it last night.

The baseball game is at 11 today which is kind of a handy time for me. Thanks, baseball!
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