Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Bonus Bucks!

So... this morning I got to the gym early, as usual. Barrie* showed up a few minutes later, as usual. And the front desk person showed up shortly after that but he wasn't one of the good ones and made us wait outside while he went in to get things set up. It was fine, we had a lovely chat. And, while we were chatting, I noticed a new decal on the gym front window... Silver&Fit. It wasn't there last weekend.

Last December my free ride to the pool at the gym came to an abrupt halt when my insurance dumped the Silver Sneakers program. (This is where old people get free gym memberships.) They picked up a faux one called Silver&Fit. While Silver Sneakers has a bunch of local options, Silver&Fit had few and zero with pools. I was pissed because when I switched to this insurance, I specifically checked to make sure they had Silver Sneakers which they did until they didn't two months later.

So I sway with hope. My sales guy was on the front desk when I was leaving so I asked him and he said yep, just bring in the Silver&Fit letter and all would be good. When I got home I went right to the Silver&Fit website which is, of course not at all intuitive, but finally managed to get the "letter" that says I am a bonafide member of Silver&Fit and of the West Seattle LA Fitness! Wooo Hoot!! $44 bucks back in my pocket every month! I'll be interested to see if I get a refund (I've paid for this month and I prepaid for my last month.) but if not, no biggie. I'm still ahead.

What if I had not seen that tiny decal?! I so appreciate the mean desk person who wouldn't let us in!

My friend Barrie* (who I've been calling Brodie now for months - not at all clear how/why that happened) is a Silver Sneakers member. I just checked their website and apparently she (and her husband) are safe, too. A gym victory!!

I stopped at the good Safeway after the pool and stocked up.

It was cloudy when I left home and I had thought I'd set up the air conditioner. But now the sun is out and I'm not going out there to get it. It's supposed to be rainy tomorrow. I'll probably wait until then.

Nothing on the todo list for today. I did get the laundry all done and put away yesterday. The baseball game isn't until 4. Maybe I'll just go make a doll!
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