Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Weird Day

I got the rest of my fabric organized which turned out to free up a bunch of space in the fabric drawers so I could move other stuff that's been in my way. Nice. And then I made a doll.

And then I got distracted again. I cleaned out the litter box. The actual box is in a box that looks like a blanket chest. There's a whole on one end for her to get into the litter box. She is not a tidy litter box cat and even though the box has high sides, she likes to go over the sides and today I discovered she crawled into a little space beyond the litter box to go.

I long ago learned to line the chest with a cheap shower curtain liner and then top that with an old towel so that about once every 6 months I can just replace the towel and once a year replace the plastic and we're good. Today was towel replacement day. I have to staple gun the thing in there or she will wad it into a ball the first time she discovers it. The staple gun bit me in that gully between my thumb and index finger.

I'm going to need to replace that chest one of these years and the place where I got it no longer makes one just like it. I'm hoping that Etsy will come through for me.

And now for a throw back Thursday photo...

This was still in Kansas City but in our house there and probably shortly before we moved to North Carolina. Daddy was not home a lot but when he was, he was always up for shenanigans and hijinks. That's my brother and sister who interupted his coffe and newspaper.  I think my sister was hoping that he wouldn't recognize her and so be able to testify at her trial. And I love the fringe on my brother's gloves.

We played with guns a lot. Not just us. All our friends. Cap guns were very big. Roy Rogers and Gene Autry and the Lone Ranger featured heavily in our playtime. And caps were always on our birthday lists. As I type this now I can smell those things when they'd go off. While playing with guns in the house was fine, when they were loaded, they were for outside only (I can't even believe I'm typing that sentence). They were not plastic. The very thought of them now gives me the heebie jeebies. 
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