Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Squeaked by another year - whew!

One of the advantages of getting my lab work ahead of the visit is that I get the results before I see the doc and so know what he's going to nag me about before he starts. Always my sugar levels are high but not over the line. My uric acid is always 'could be better.' This year we added kidney and cholesterol also boarder line but on the good side of the boarder. Drink more water. Eat low fat, less sugar and simple cars. In other words, exactly the opposite of my diet of choice.

But, hey, I can sure drink more water! And, I'm not dead yet. Works for me.

Yesterday in a sewing forum I read about using comic book board to wrap fabric bits around. Genius!! I got Amazon on it and they delivered me a package of the boards which I cut in half and started the process of finally wrestling my fabric to tidy!

Left side... old way. Right side... new and improved and oh so tidy!

And, the Mariners beat Oakland all three games in a nice, sweet victory (Oakland was here at the first of the season and handed the Mariners their lunch on a platter).

So... good day here at SDHQ!
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