Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis


From left:

Daddy, age 30
Nancy (sister), age 3
Mom, age 31
Bill (brother), age 0
Moi, age 4

This was in the living room of the last apartment. Shortly after this photo was taken Daddy bought our first house. Kansas City, MO.

Daddy worked as a salesman for Hanes Knitware. He sold underwear to wholesalers who, in turn, made sure there were whitey tighties on the store shelves.

Mother looks like she was shanghaied.  While she was a great mother and, according to Daddy, the best wife ever, I know that had the mores of her day allowed her to remain single and childless, she would have.

We did not have a TV yet which was OK cause there wasn't that much on TV yet anyway. We did get one in the new house but there was nothing on until mid afternoon when finally finally finally that damn test pattern was replaced with Howdy Doody and Pinkie Lee.  I spent a lot of time waiting and watching this:

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