Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Victory is not even needing the backup pee!

Once a year my Doctor likes to get fasting labs - blood draw and pee. Both are kind of stressful for me. I have the world's tiniest veins that roll around whenever anything comes near them. Getting blood out of me is no small deal. It's not painful even though they generally have to stick the needle in 2 or 3 times on each arm. The stress is the poor blood person. Getting all the blood you need on the first stick is a point of pride for them. I'm never that point.

However, I will say that today's vampire was one of the best I've ever had. His name is Rex and I told him I wanted him ever time. He got it on the first shot. Not a gusher but he got enough so that he didn't have to stick me again. Then he gave me the cup to pee in. He told me that yesterday, he had an elderly gentleman who, when he told him to pee in the cup, whipped out his johnson right there and started to follow instructions. Apparently it was the excitement of the day in the lab. I told him I was going to the restroom, thankyouverymuch. He was grateful.

I can never pee enough for a sample and it's always annoying so a few years ago, I started packing. I have a little jar that used to house pimentos. I boil it up and then fill it up before I leave the house. I've always had to use it and it's worked fine but this morning, I was able to fill up that damn cup without my using my backup pee!! Point of pride victory for me!!

Between the sticking issues and the pee issues, getting labwork done is never quick. I went right after my swim and figured that by the time I got it all taken care of, it would be 9 and the pharmacy would be open and I could get a couple of prescriptions I need refills for all taken care of.

Except, Rex was so good and I was so good that I was all done by 8:20!! So I got coffee and a muffin and entertained myself until the pharmacy opened and I could get my drugs. Way funner, by the way to get refills and pay $10.35 instead of my usual $400 +.

Now I'm home and all is good. Today's baseball starts at noon:30. I have a handful of little things on my todo list - laundry, recharge swimming ipod, reorg my fabric (I got a great tip on Reddit yesterday).
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