Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Such a creature of habit

I got to the pool as the aqua fit class was finishing. I started swimming as they were putting the lanes back in but it took me a good 15 minutes to really get comfortable. It usually takes me 15 seconds. I'm a rut lover. Let me do what I do the same way the same time every day and I'm a happy camper. Fuck with my routine and I get all stressed. Which is pretty hilarious. I got nothing that needs to be done at any particular time why the hell should it matter that I swim 4 hours later than usual?

I did have a very very easy ride home. There was a traffic backup for the last little bit so I went a different way. Easy peasy.

But, to illustrate my first paragraph... I walked in the house and grabbed the bread to make a sandwich with the ham and cheese I'd gotten at the grocery store. Wait. Where were the groceries? In the car, you fool. I grab the keys and go down to the car. I get to the car and realize I'd grabbed the wrong fucking keys. ??!!!

See? I can't handle.

I did get a response from my doctor that he's sent the needed info to the lab so tomorrow, on the way home from my swim, I can pop over to the office and give them my blood and pee. That way he'll have the results for my appointment on Monday.

I found another pic from the New Zealand travels...

I'm pretty sure this was the first trip and also pretty sure this is in Auckland. It was our final stop and we met up with a business chum of my father's and his wife. It was great to be able to grill them about all the stuff we'd seen and get the Kiwi perspective. Also we had been keeping a list of all the words and phrases that we could not figure out and the list was long. They translated them all for us. Our hands down favorite was judder bars.

We were in Christchurch in a parking garage on our first afternoon and there were HUGE signs everywhere saying WARNING! JUDDER BARS!  We had zero clues.  We kept a cautious eye out but never saw anything that we could map to a judder bar.

So as we described the situation to Daddy's friends they burst out laughing and putting us even further in the dark.

Finally, they were able to spit out the clues... Turns out those silly kiwis use the term judder bars when they mean speed bumps!!
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