Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

New schedule

The city pool's early morning swim is only Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. So it's back to the gym today but, timing is critical. Trying to come back home before about 9 is just silly. The gym is in a residential neighborhood so my getting there is a reverse commute but coming home is crowded.

The pool is reserved for an aqua fit class from 9-10 so... current plan is to swim at 10 or after. I also need to make a quick grocery stop and drop at package off at UPS so I think leaving here anytime after about 9:30 will work.  It's now 7:30.

Today is Old People Pay Day.  So check all accounts. This year I set up a separate savings account that for big ticket items like my annual home owners association dues payment (January) and real estate taxes (February), insurance, etc. I try to make sure some money gets added each month so that when the bills are due, the cash will be ready.   I plan to have half the money needed for the year in there by June. I'm on track so far.

This is week six without Advair and week one without Spiriva (both inhalers for lung issues). The only issues from not taking Advair were positive ones. My voice is no longer hoarse and my hand/arm bruising is way less of an issue. The Spiriva withdrawal success is not quite as clear. Dr. Internet is zero help. In fact in several cases Dr. Internet has the exact opposite instruction/opinion of my own Dr. Lung.

I have my annual checkup appointment with my regular doctor next Monday. I'll be interested to hear what he has to say about the inhaler/breathing thing.

Now it's time to maybe get some breakfast and some sewing in before I hit the road.
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