Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Found 'em!

In the olden days, when you built a web page, you used tiny postage stamp sized images that were linked to regular sized ones because access was via s.l.o.w dial up modem and building a page with a giant (what is now known as small) image was about as rude as today's Do You Want To Join Our Mailing List??!!!! pop ups.

So this weekend when I was picture hunting, I found a bunch of small images but not their bigger brothers. It bugged me all day until finally tonight I focused on the fact that the old harddrive that was hooked up to the windows machine was not showing on the windows machine .....  hmmmm  double checked that and, sure enough, that sucker has a power button on it!  Hit the button and bam!! about a half terabyte of old shit most of which is trash BUT in that trash were the bigger images! There aren't a whole lot but enough to just delight me to bits.

I need to organize them and I will and then write about them here. But, for starters, here's one of me that I really hate. I look like a silly fraidy cat. Which I wasn't so why the stupid pose?

It was taken at Grandma's in Oklahoma City and it might have been the Summer that my aunt (my father's sister) gave me a perm without asking Mom. Possibly I was anticipating (quite correctly as it turned out) how exceedingly pissed Mom would be when she found out.
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