Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Hot dog redo

I love a street hot dog. I love any hot dog but a street one - grilled or boiled is always just so good. There are a lot of street hot dog vendors in my neighborhood. Two sport stadiums will do that. On Saturday, before the soccer game, I went out and got a hot dog for lunch. I actually got two. One for lunch is plenty but I wanted to try something.

I brought the second one home and wrapped it in plastic wrap and stuck it in the freezer. Just now, I pulled it out and nuked it back to life and OMG, it was delicious!! I nuked it all together about 2 minutes and then I pulled out the bun and nuked the hot dog by itself for another 30 seconds. Next time I'll pull the bun out sooner - like at 1 minute. But, still. So delicious. No games today but I got a dog anyway!! score.

And today's lost and found photo...

I first met my friend, John, when we both worked for IBM in Minnesota. We each worked for executives but mine out ranked his by a hair. Our first meeting was a power locking of horns that I won. I remember telling my boss that we really needed to be wary of "that arrogant asshole". But, over time, the Arrogant Asshole and I got to be pretty good friends. Then my boss and I moved to San Jose, CA and about six months later my boss hired John and he moved out there, too.

John had lived in Seattle in the 70s and always talked about how cool it was. So, when it was time for my next move, I got to pick the place and I picked Seattle. I moved up here and John was a very frequent visitor. He came every Christmas for years plus 3 or 4 other times every year. We had marvelous adventures. Really really fun times. He was such a great friend. We never slept together by silent mutual agreement although, to this day, I'm not sure why.

He and my boss went on to work on the Nagano and then Sydney Olympics... I saw less and less of John but we kept in touch. He was always on the other end of the phone when I needed him or just wanted to chat. He retired from IBM and moved to Newport Beach, CA and I was looking forward to seeing him more often when one morning (2004) I got a phone call from his sister in Chicago. John had died two days before. I had gotten an email from him on Wednesday. He died on Thursday. I knew he had been having some weird symptoms and finally they had figured out it was Hemochromatosis. They had a treatment plan that was to start on Monday. (I'd never heard of it but since have seen it many many times on doctor dramas on TV. I can now spot it usually before the first commercial.)

I still see him often in my dreams. He's in about 90% of those that I remember. It used to freak me out but I'm used to it now.

Wow, I meant to talk about this photo and really got off on a tangent there. In 1994, my parents, who were constant travelers, found a cool trip package to New Zealand. My dad had been once in the late 60's on business and had never stopped talking about what a wonderful place it was. He called me and told me about the package and said 'why don't you come with?' I was tempted but the idea of spending two entirely uninterrupted weeks with just me and them gave me pause, so I called John and said 'why don't you come with?' And that's how the four of us came to be standing on the side the road at Arthur's Pass on the South Island of New Zealand.

It really was a great trip. John loved to drive and found driving on the wrong side a delightful challenge. Daddy loved having a designated driver so he cold drink any time he wanted to. Mother and Daddy had never met John and they fell instantly in love with him. It was just the most amazing people fit imaginable.  And we all loved every single tiny bit of New Zealand.

In fact, the next year, John and I went back and saw all the bits we missed the year before and some others.
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