Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

The deep end!!

This morning I went to the city pool. My normal pool is a 3 lane, 25 yard pool with 4.5 feet as the deepest part and that's in the center. The sides are like 3 feet deep. The city pool is a 6 lanes, 25 yard pool with a regular slop down to a 12? foot deep end. The shallow end is about 4 feet deep. And it's chlorine (regular pool is bromine). So it was different. And fun. And I swam faster than usual. After I got my 2,000 yards in, I had the lane to myself so I did some jogging and stretching which was also fun.

It's been about 6 months since I'd been there and a year since I'd swum their regularly. Some of the same peops were there but different life guards. Mondays still aren't very crowded which was nice.

It's almost exactly half the distance from here to the city pool as it is from here to the gym pool. The difference is traffic lights. There are a million red ones between here and the city pool. When the traffic is murderous, it is pretty much smooth sailing with a few green lights, to get to the gym. Oh and bicyclists. Between here and the city pool there are suicide cyclists. One guy this morning was coming right at me going the wrong way in my lane. The sun was on his back so I very nearly didn't even see him. I'd forgotten about those stupid cyclists.

Right now, the plan for tomorrow is just to go to the gym sometime after 10. We'll see.

Now I'm home for the rest of the day. It's nearly 9 and the helicopters are still overhead. It feels like they've been flying over my neighborhood since dusk yesterday.

Mayday in Seattle has come to mean grab-all-your-friends-and-march-though-town-and-break-windows-and-throw-shit-at-police. Yesterday was no different. The march starts out friendly-ish in mid afternoon but as afternoon turns into evening, marchers turn into assholes. This year, however, the police did it right. There was pepper spray and some loud smoke bombs - they used those and other tactics to keep the crowds on the road and going south of town.

Finally the police herded them towards the Costco parking lot where they surrounded them. By that time everyone was really tired and a mile away from town. Ha! The whole thing just petered out.

It was messy and loud and went right by here. And the helicopters monitored the whole thing. 9 arrested and 5 police officers injured. Then, this morning, when I woke up, the helicopters were back - this time for traffic.

At least it's not dead-of-Summer hot.

Time to sew.
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