Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Sunday afternoon

I found more pics but not all of them. I think I've found all I'm going to but it's enough, really. The more you have the bigger organization issues you get. I'm cool with the photos in my head. I did find a couple of gems I had totally forgotten about. Here's another Mom one.

After Daddy died, Mom turned her online hobby into an obsession. Her 'station' was here in the guest room with Daddy looming over her. Out that window she could keep an eye on the comings and goings of her neighbors. She those things sitting on the edge of her monitor? Those are wooden sculptures of animals that she picked up in Africa. I have them now and love them.

She didn't really understand a lot of computing but figured if it was cool she wanted it and I'd explain it to her. So she was the first in her community to get broadband. She loved looking up stuff and had a rich, full email life. She kept having to change email addresses (this was before gmail) for one reason or another so finally I got her a domain name - so that she could just port her email from wherever and never had to change the address.

As her buds in the retirement home got onto email she got famous because she had her own email service!! A lot got mangled when she explained to them and they tried to understand... plus no one's hearing was that good.

When they made her move into assisted living she was the first to get broadband there, too. She demanded a suite instead of an efficiency so she could have room for her computer. It sat next to her oxygen tank.

She died (2005) before she got cellphones actually figured out. I suspect she would have been a texting fool.

Ok, enough of memory lane. Here are the dolls du jour. Another twin set!

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