Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis


It's a warm Sunday. My swimming buddy even showed up in shorts today.  I have the blinds down to keep the sun from baking me in here. The forecast says temps will be back to normal on Tuesday so I can make it until then.

Today I planned to come home, get breakfast and then fire up the sewing machine and get to work until the game started at 1. But, now it's several hours after breakfast is done and I'm not even close to the sewing machine. Part of the distraction is the old photos thing. I uploaded some more.  Most of the ones today are too tiny to even see good (100 pixels on the longest side). Hopefully, there are bigger versions somewhere that I'll uncover.  But there were a couple of nice sized ones in the batch.

This is my absolute favorite.

That's Jake on top of the rug. He moved here with me from California in the early 90's and lived a long long life. That's Betty under the rug. She came to live here in the 00's and was quite the scamp.  She, too, lived a nice long life. I wonder if they have found each other in kitty heaven.

I think I'll go sew for a bit and then resume photo hunting while the game is on.
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