Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

I think my new plan is to upload the old pix onto Flickr. That Windows Gallery thing was too slow and didn't really provide what I needed and didn't connect with anything I needed to connect with. So... I think I'm going direct. And might well just abandon the effort but, until I do, there will be some old pic entries here, for sure.

First up, Mom.

My Dad had a heart attack and died about 3 months after they moved into this fancy retirement place.  They hadn't met too many people but knew some. While I was still there helping Mom after the funeral, two ladies she didn't know well called her one day and invited her to dinner.

Liz (far left white hair) and Libba (center). The three of them got very thick and what a fun threesome they were. They would meet most nights in the bar where this photo was taken.  They liked to sit at the bar and try to get gossip out of the bartender but they were short ladies and their legs had nowhere to perch.

So Mom had a brass foot rail installed at the bar and a small brass plaque bears tribute to my Dad.  I wish I could find a photo of the plaque. Maybe there's one in the pile o' pix yet to come.

Once they got that rail in, they owned that bartender. The one in the background's name was Joyce. Their favorite was this cute young kid named John. He was so sweet to them and they had a lot of booze and a lot of laughts.  Liz went first (she was the oldest) and then Libba died a couple of years later. Mom held out and spent a lot of time grilling the bartender on her own!

The above was at Bishop Gadsen in Charleston, SC.
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