Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

And finally everyone went home...

The street that my condo is on is one of the ones most impacted by the viaduct closure. It was bumper to bumper all day yesterday. As I lay in bed last night after the game was over, the crowds spilled by and their noise mixed with the traffic in a way that you could tell, just by listening that there was still masses of it.

There is so little traffic - foot or car - this morning that it's kind of shocking. That will change soon enough. There's a MLS game in the football stadium and 1 and the baseball game down the block at 7. But, I don't care. I'm in with no place to go. So all is cool.

I got to the pool early today. As I got there, so did my bud, Brody, and before we had time to even say 'hi' the door opened a new guy poked his head out and asked if we wanted to come in early. So, Sam, is now our new best friend. When the gym finally opened 30 minutes later, the pool was packed but we were firmly entrenched in our lanes so it was fine and dandy. It was a very excellent swim.

I got a note last night from my friends in New Zealand outlining their plans for their next US trip. In the summer of 2017. They were last here at the same time in 2014. This time they are including Montreal, Toronto, Washington DC and San Francisco in addition to Seattle. And they have one week - between Seattle and San Francisco that is so far a mystery. Portland is out. So I'm thinking Idaho, Salt Lake City or Alaska (cruise or regular). San Francisco is a repeat.

They do the greatest trips and I love that they always always make sure that Seattle is in the mix. This will be Scott's 5th visit since his first in the early 00's - pre Julie. She's been with him on the last 3. I met Scott originally in the mid 90's on the internet. I had a page of New Zealand links on my brand spanking new website. (I had been there to visit in 1994 and 1995 and loved the place.) He was wandering around this new internet thing and stumped on my page and sent me an email politely asking WTF? And a friendship was born.

Ok, now I am back from the rabbit hole I fell into after that last sentence. I have a great photo of Scott and my old cat, Bubba, lounging on the couch. I went to find it and, instead, found a bunch of old photographs I'd totally forgotten I had. I miss Picassa which would, for free, wander all over my computer and catalog all the photos for me. I think Windows Gallery will do that. It's installing now. And now it's been set up to go find all the photos.

Time now to go clean up the kitchen from breakfast and get some sewing done.
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