Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

We'll need to make changes

Going into the pool on weekdays at my normal time is no longer viable. It took me 35 minutes to get home today which is only about 15 minutes longer than normal but most of those minutes were spent on a bridge moving too slowly for my speedometer to register and Fridays are generally the easiest weekday traffic days.  Life is too short to do that routinely for at least two weeks. So. I can either change my mode of transport - do walk, boat, bus, walk. Or I can try later in the day. I think, on Monday, we're going try out the mid-morning option.

They have closed the viaduct because they are drilling the tunnel that will eventually, maybe, at some point, replace it, underneath. The viaduct is old and they want to make sure it survives the tunneling. They think the direct underneath tunneling will be done in two weeks, then they can check the viaduct and reopen it.

I'm wondering if it will ever open again. The whole tunneling thing (which was supposed to have been completed and opened by now with the viaduct down and gone) is just one major fuck up after another. That it kills the viaduct loooooong before it provides a replacement (if ever) would be just another fuck up in the giant chain of fuck ups. And it would really fuck up my swimming.

But, that's borrowing trouble at this point. Maybe I'll love mid-day swimming.

The bear/doll delivery his morning is the only thing on my plate for today. Fortunately, it's on my side of downtown. I think I can get there and back with side roads and short cuts. But, if I have to sit in more traffic, that's life. Won't kill me.

Oh and the other big news/change is that today, I stopped my other inhaler. No Advair. No Spiriva. I stopped the Advair last month. And I've been winding down the Spiriva - instead of two doses every day, I've been doing one. And today, none.

It's like getting a $200 a month raise!! I have an appointment with my regular doctor on the 9th. It's my annual lab works, checkup thing. I worked out the giving up inhalers with the lung doctor. I'll be interested to see what the regular guys says. I'm expecting stars and kudos.
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